Events (Archive)

Central Victorian Climate Action fundraiser, Castlemaine, Vic, 28/3/19

Dialogues @ Castlemaine State Festival, Vic, 28-29/3/19

Darebin Kite Festival – Reservoir, Victoria, 24/3/19

Flags flying around Castlemaine for the State Festival, 22-31 March, 2019

International Women’s Day – Castlemaine, Victoria, 8/3/19


Climate Flags Launch – portraits, Castlemaine, 23/2/19

Climate Flags Launch, Castlemaine, 23/2/19 (all photos by Ecologica)

Messages from Newlands Primary School, West Preston, 15/2/19

Messages from Wesley Hill Market, Castlemaine,  9/2/19

Messages from a group of friends, Castlemaine, 9/1/19