Make a flag

The process

Climate Flag projects are firing up around the country. There are four stages to each flag project: each stage provides people with the opportunity to get together, to have conversations, to build community and resilience, and to create. The four stages of a flag project are:

1. Organising: Each flag project starts when an individual or group decides to organise flag-making within their own community. Each group will have their own approach to flag making, decorating and flying. Creativity and innovation are encouraged. Make the Climate Flag project your own. Find our how to become an organiser or to find your nearest group here.

2. Sewing: Flags are dyed and stitched by volunteer organisers, in preparation for flag decorating workshops. Click here for tips on sewing flags.

3. Decorating: Members of the community are invited to write or illustrate a flag at community events, markets, street stalls and workshops. Click here for tips about decorating flags and running a flag decorating workshop.

4. Flying: Decorated flags are sewn into strings by the volunteer organisers. Each community group will retain responsibility and ownership of their strings of flags. Organisers will display the flags in public spaces and at events around their local area. Strings of flags will be bought together for large rallies by organisers from around the country. Click here for ideas about where you can fly your flag.

Anyone who wants to participate can also choose to make a flag at home and send it to their nearest organiser. Email to find out about your nearest group.