Climate Action

Climate Flags are a pathway to taking further action on climate change. Read on for ideas about what else you can do.

If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of climate change and a sense of inertia because you don’t know what to do or where to start, take heart. The complexity of addressing climate change actually means that your particular skills and passions will be useful in the collective task ahead.

Climate change touches on everything we love (or loathe) and society needs to change at all levels for a safe climate future. There will be some climate action that fits with you.

What we need most is for political, business and community leaders to take climate change seriously and to make the difficult decisions needed for a safe climate future.

Its vital you speak up loud and clear so our leaders start to act. Remember, this is a federal election year in Australia and the moment when our collective voices can have the most impact on politics.

Finding your path to climate action

A good place to start on the path to action is to gather with a group of friends and brainstorm ideas. Regular kitchen-table conversations with people you like is community building and fun. Just imagine if the spin-off is that your little group influences the political will for action.

Talk with friends about what you love doing and how you can bring that passion to climate action.

If you work in a salon you could start a climate conversation that will swing an undecided voter; if you love crafting you could knit your message for your MP; maybe you are fired up for direct action. Even helping one of the great groups below with a mail-out will make a difference. Just find your thing and go for it. Now is the time.

Ideas for action

Join the Climate Flags project to get your message up in the street. Click here for more on how to get involved.

Join an organisation that’s already acting on climate change. Here are a few awesome places to start:

Climate for Change, Stop Adani, Galilee Blockade,, Knitting Nannas, Grey Power Climate Protectors, ACFGetup, Environment Victoria, School Strike 4 Climate, Wilderness Society, Australian Parents for Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion Australia, Friends of the Earth

And remember to think about what your money is doing. Divest from Fossil Fuels (what’s your bank doing?) and Invest in the Future (is your super fund ethical?)